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Supply Chain Management / Warehousing

ITME warehousing solutions feature strategically located totaling 100,000 m2 in North Kuwait Abdally. and building more throughout Kuwait and Iraq. We serve the Food Service Consolidation, Industrial, Electronic & Sanitary and consumer products industries. Our warehousing solutions are designed to assist companies that do not provide in-house logistics services, or that wish to focus on core competencies.

ITME is the company of choice for companies expanding within an existing market or penetrating a new one because we offer:

  • Dedicated Warehousing
  • Multi-Client Warehousing

Providing these options gives our customers scalability, flexibility in labor and asset requirements, and location options. Companies can optimize cost savings, lower liabilities and increase speed to market by using our flexible warehousing, multiple market networks, sophisticated technology, and established transportation networks. Our fulfillment services are structured to offer a wide range of solutions for any special shipping requirements, including packaging and a wide variety of additional value-added services including postponement, inspection, returns and salvage.

All our facilities are protected by state-of-the-art security systems, and all are equipped with generators in case of power outages. As with all our distribution facilities, all orders and products are consolidated using our warehouse management system (WMS), which can be integrated with any customer’s requirements.

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