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In 2003, INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST was independently awarded a sub-contract in Iraq to provide a turnkey construction of modular housing, office space and other living support for US defense contracting Companies.

INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST had not outsourced the supply but had built pre-fabricated units, modular housing units, mobile hospitals/clinics and mobile kitchens to some of the defense contracting companies such as DynCorp International; working in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom – War against Terrorism.


Fully capable of completing any construction or engineering project from award of contract to completion. Chroo construction has the ability to self-perform all project requirements; this includes :

  • Complete project management from award date to turnover
  • Designs using our in house fully trained and qualied design team
  • Surveying with all up to date survey equipment and fully trained survey teams
  • Soil sample testing with results
  • Construction management
  • Cost controls
  • Logistics and transportation
  • QA/QC
  • Procurement
  • Scheduling
  • HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment)

INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST had performed an entire turnkey operation of building up over 500 man-camps and 100 man tent city in different sites in Iraq i.e. Umm Qasr, Basra, Baghdad, Baiji, Dibis, US Army and Air force camps i.e. K2, Mulla Abdulla Camp, Camp Victory and Mosul Camp.


In 2003 INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST acquired a pre-fabrication factory in Kuwait for constructing its own modular building and steel structures. INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST has the capacity of producing from13 to 15 units a day with standard specification or given specification as per customer’s requirement. We have a construction crew which has a vast experience in erecting and finishing these structures within tight deadlines. Recently, INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST has also established a small modification/repair unit of the pre-fabricated units & Steel structures in Baghdad Iraq.

INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST with its alliance with an Iraqi based Security Co. has the capability of shipping these units from Kuwait to Iraq bearing security and insurance responsibilities for the customer. INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST owes its entire success in camping projects to the dedicated and brave construction crew it has. Our crew has performed commendable job, over coming all security restrains and regulations in high risk prone areas of Iraq. They have met the deadlines in spite of many life threatening situations under the leadership of our management, which has overcome all constraints and obstacles that were in the path to completing the contracted tasks. Unlike other Construction Companies INNO TECH MIDDLE EAST is totally independent and has a 100% safety record to perform these services in Iraq and also to provide back up crew to the customer to ensure smooth camp operation.

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